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Are you on the verge of a burnout? Feeling like your body and soul are not exactly connected? Need time for yourself to rebuild your energy and mental clarity? Take some time out of your busy schedule to begin to easily help rejuvenate your senses and invigorate your muscles. When you are better relaxed, you tend to make healthier choices, which in turn results in healthier lifestyles, and ultimately in a well balanced individual.

Yoga Health Benefits:  

During yoga you use physical postures, or asanas, to align your body and allow energy to flow freely. You also learn breathing techniques (pranayamas) which also help regulate the flow of energy and enable you to master your mind and attain balance. Asanas during hatha yoga are intended to improve balance, flexibility and strength. Some poses also massage internal organs and enhance circulation, digestion and hormonal activity in the body, Pranayamas boost blood circulation which increases oxygen supply to your brain. Yoga may help reduce stress and blood pressure, improve concentration and sleep and treat conditions such as arthritis and asthma.

Yoga Class


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The yoga classes are a mix of beginner-intermediate students. The 75-minute class includes the practice of pranayama (breathing exercises), asanas (easy postures) with a concentration on the effects of the stretches on the body, chanting OM and 15 minutes of meditation or relaxation. 

Our classes have a maximum of 4 people so registering for your prefered time in the schedule is key. Moreover, our classes are gentle and can address all different body types in a personalized and intimate environment. 

Registrations are now open for the fall session 2020. Places are reserved on a first come, first served basis.  Please reach out by phone or text 514-994-0238 or email  joanne@spirita.ca if you have any questions.

Trial class - You have the option of taking a trial class for $28, if space is available. If you register for the session following this trial class, this amount will be deducted from your registration.

At all times, for a trial class, please call to reserve your place by phone or text 514-994-0238, at least 24 hours before the class you are interested in as walk-ins are not permitted during the pandemic.

Please call to reserve your place 24h before a yoga class as the studio is not always open and no walk-ins are permitted during the pandemic.

Private Somayog Therapeutic Yoga Class by appointment.


  • Gentle Yoga 17h45-19h00  

Wednesday ​

  • Gentle Yoga 13h00-14h15

Thursday ​

  • Hatha Yoga Intermediate 17h30-18h45  

Saturday ​

  • Gentle Yoga 11h00- 12h15​


"Thank you for a great yoga class! :) The end of the class experience felt like after a one hour full body massage :)." Lucie B.

"Joanne, thank you for opening me up to the world of yoga, in all its beauty...you have helped change my life path and I will be forever grateful." Andrea L.

"You have taught me that yoga is not just exercise – it is a way of life." Susan D. 

Child's Pose


Conditions for a Good Yoga Class

Whether you are new or old to yoga earn respect from your fellow practitioners and teacher by brushing up on the following guidelines. 

Following these conditions aims to promote harmony and to make every session as relaxed and as enjoyable as possible. 

Things to note for COVID-19 safety:

1) Upon entering the building, masks are mandatory and hand sanitizer available in the front entrance upon arrival and departure.

2) It is mandatory to wear a mask until you are placed on your mat.

3) Yoga class schedule will be by reservation only. No walk-ins permitted.

4) A maximum of 4 people will be accepted at a time in a semi-private class. 

5) Be sure to bring your own water bottle, mat and strap as the community equipment will no longer be available to use.

5) Please stay at home if you feel that you have any of the main COVID-19 symptoms: fever, difficulty breathing, and shortness of breath.

6)  For your safety, the client and the professional will not:

- Show symptoms of fever, cough, difficulty breathing, diarrhea, loss of taste or smell.
- Return from a trip abroad for less than 14 days.
- Have tested positive or been in contact with a confirmed or probable case of VIDOC-19 less than one month old or be awaiting testing


1. Leave your shoes & worries at the door. 

2. Strive to arrive at least 5-10 minutes before the class.  Arriving late for class not only compromises your experience, it also disturbs everyone else. Once seated, close your eyes and calm your mind by focusing on your breath in and your breath out. Use your internal eye to watch your belly rise and fall with each breath. Do this for 5-10 minutes or until the class begins. If possible, prepare to ask your teacher any questions you may have at the end of the yoga class and refrain from speaking to your fellow students to keep the room calm and peaceful, while allowing your teacher to compose herself before the class starts.

3. Yoga is an inward journey. Keep casual conversation during class to a minimum. 

4. Yoga is about breathing, not eating and chewing. Please, no gum chewing in class. 

5. Turn off your cell phone. 

6. Don't eat right before coming to class - at least 2.5 hours beforehand to allow for digestion. 

7. Please refrain from wearing cologne or perfume. Some smells can be too much for some people especially when breathing as deeply as we do during a yoga class. 

8. The postures (or asanas) are not strength exercises or a workout at the gym. Do not try to anticipate any postures or push quickly through them. It is essential to move and work slowly, using your breath, in full respect of your body’s physical and mental limitations. Avoid any type of comparison in the spirit of competition and especially in the realm of your breath. Yoga is a personal experience.

9. Always inform the instructor of any and all past or current injuries or medical conditions so that poses can be modified for a safe yoga experience.

10. The key to yoga is to concentrate on your breath while you are in posture (i.e. to synchronize your movement in the posture with the rhythm of your breath). Breathing should be calm and smooth, as deep as possible, yet very comfortable and relaxed. Ideally, you will count your breaths on your breath in, (1, 2, 3, 4) and your breath out should be twice as long as your breath in (2, 4, 6, 8).

11. At the end of each yoga class, a time for integration takes place with the last posture savasana. If you have to leave early, please inform the instructor prior to class and do so before final relaxation, not in the middle, to allow others to enjoy the benefits of this pose free from the disruption or distraction of someone leaving.

12. During savasana you listen to your body and watch your breath. It is not a time to fall asleep; rather you fall into a deep relaxation. After which, as a uniform group, we shall chant as one: Ohm (oneness) and Shanti (peace) then we greet each other with Namaste. The practice of yoga is the embodiment of the word's meaning. This reflective moment reminds us that yoga transcends language and culture, that connecting mind and body helps us look more deeply into ourselves and at our world. It is used both for greeting and leave-taking. Namaste is usually spoken with a slight bow and hands pressed together, palms touching and fingers pointing upwards, thumbs close to the chest. This gesture is called Añjali Mudrā or Pranamasana. In Hinduism, it means "I bow to the divine in you".  



Therapeutic Yoga

Somayog is an innovative technique that merges the ancient art of the stretching and postures of Hatha yoga with somatic education and practice of self-adjustment of the spine.

The dynamic and harmonious combination of the three approaches maximizes their respective impact on the physical body and the pranic body.

Somayog is a complete system in itself of detection and resolution of physical problems. The great advantage of Somayog is that it allows to work individually on specific problems of the body with real results.

Our gentle yoga classes will release your stress and unlock your body’s healing potential.