Feeling overwhelmed and struggling for direction to help you grow personally and spiritually? Are you awakened yet unable to decipher your life's mission?

At Spirita Yoga and Wellness Center we are passionate about what we do. We change people’s lives by helping them unlock their true potential. We love to pass on our knowledge and techniques off to our clients to help them discover their life's mission.

Divine Healing


We invite you to experience Reiki, an ancient healing technique full of love, life and energy, in a whole new way. The attunements are simply a "re-awakening" of the stronger healing potential that lies within us all. Reiki is a journey of self-discovery and finding one's own path. You will receive what you are ready to receive and will grow into your full potential with continuous practice.

Reiki I Sunday September 13th, 2020 10h00-16h00

Reiki II Sunday October 18th, 2020 10h00-16h00

Reiki & Pendulum Sunday November 15th, 2020 13h00-16h00 (See more info below)

Reiki III and Reiki Master upon request 

Olive Grove


Alchemy is a metaphor for transmuting human consciousness into divine consciousness, our lower Self into our higher Self.  It is the royal road to the realization of our true Selves.  We work directly on the  subconscious mind through light trance and visualization to connect to inner guides.  

The Tree of the Life, or the Tree of the Higher Self, is an energetic and symbolic structure that represents the unity of the different planes of the human consciousness and the connection to the Divine. The energy work will help you find your spiritual life path and open up your universal consciousness.  

This workshop will allow you to connect to this structure and to empower yourself with tools to communicate with the consciousness of this Tree. You will repair it, regenerate it and adjust its vibration in a manner to favour your Spiritual development. 

Mystical Alchemy Sunday October 4th, 2020 10h00-16h00



Have you been feeling extremely tired or irritable recently? Have you suffered from migraines, muscle pain, joint pain? Having trouble getting a good night's sleep? Do not have enough energy throughout the day? We are very pleased to announce a new workshop that will help you overcome the difficult energies we have been experiencing on a planetary level and help you evolve during your spiritual ascent to the 5th dimension.

The theme each week will be identified for the group by holistic kinesiology to test the best healing modality. There is a great unification that settles in a group of people who are of the same mind.

Here is the general program each session:
• Share our physical, emotional and spiritual experiences
• Meditation
• Identify the theme of the group to work on
• Healing processes includes DNA reprogramming, holistic kinesiology, energy healing, etc.
• We will have energetic exchanges and discussions in safe and joyful environment!

Here are the upcoming dates: 

  • Saturday October 3rd 2020 14h00-16h00

  • Saturday November 7th 2020 14h00-16h00

  • Saturday December 5th 2020 14h00-16h00

Fortune Telling


We will have a group Reiki healing session using the pendulum and see the difference how both Reiki and the pendulum work to balance our chakras. We will cover:

  • How a pendulum works. 

  • How to program your pendulum.

  • How to clear your pendulum with Reiki.

  • How to receive answers using a pendulum.

  • How to use a pendulum for everyday use.

  • How to do Chakra balancing using a pendulum 

  • How to use Reiki healing with a pendulum 

Upcoming dates: 

Sunday November 15th, 2020 13h00-16h00

If you would like to find out more about our workshops, including dates and pricing, get in touch today.


"How amazing it is to be with like minded people, talking and sharing stories about spiritual evolution! It is so refreshing to just be and not be afraid of being judged.  I'll definitely be back for more workshops."

Melanie C.

"I was impressed with the level of information and details shared within the workshop. Joanne presented the information clearly and succinctly and answered all my questions with ease."

Robert C.

"What a wonderful discovery!  By chance I came across Spirita's website and signed up immediately for the evening's workshop. It was so interesting! I learnt a lot about myself and the tools Joanne gave us are easy to understand and integrate into my daily life.  I can hardly wait for the next one!"

Susan D.